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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another job that I didn't get...

Well the HR recruiter told me that the down-selects for the job I interviewed for on Tuesday might take 2-3 weeks but the rejection letters didn't take very long to arrive. He was right, I got the "thanks for playing but no prize for you" email today. It really busted my bubble for a couple hours today.

I did receive a phone call from another recruiter for a scheduler position today and I owe him an updated resume tomorrow or Monday. So maybe that will turn into something.

In the mean time, I've turned into a full time lawn sprinkler professional and I've been working for St Michaels Episcopal Church up in Brigham City, relocating some sprinkler lines so that they can install a brick labyinth in their garden. I nearly got the work done today and I would have finished except for the flooding irrigation water coming in from a neighbor's yard that turned my trenches into a moat! There was a moat surrounding a lake in that back yard this afternoon! So I'll finish that job tomorrow before Noah gets home.

So- ups and downs in the employment arena and enough work taking care of my own yard and 2 church's sprinkler systems to keep me busy. But Saturday I'll be fishing with Noah and on Sunday we are going to car races at Miller Motorsports Park!

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